Ojo Technology: An Engineering-Driven Company With A Passion for Performance

(‘Ojo’ is Spanish for ‘eye.’ It is pronounced ‘O-hO.’)

Founded in 2003 in Fremont, Calif., Ojo Technology designs, installs, and maintains advanced network based video surveillance systems. A privately held company, Ojo delivers customized solutions utilizing the latest network technologies and the most advanced video surveillance products, delivered with a deep understanding of customer needs and a commitment to customer service.

Ojo Technology is solely focused on delivering standards-based, best of class, ‘turn-key’ IP Video Surveillance (IPVS) solutions. As a master integrator, Ojo combines the best products, technologies, planning, and implementation to deliver the most reliable and functional network-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions available.

Ojo Technology’s advanced IP surveillance solutions are ideal for demanding applications requiring video surveillance, security or remote visual monitoring. Ojo specializes in installations for local government, schools, and manufacturing facilities. Ojo also has experience installing complex systems for retail, military, corporate, and public transportation applications.

What differentiates Ojo Technology from competitors is that it is an engineering-driven company, not just an installer of video cameras.  Ojo Technology is a sister company to Network Designs Integration Services, also located in Fremont, Calif.  Established in 1994, Network Designs Integration Services is a leading VAR and integrator of IT hardware and software, and also provides small and medium-sized companies with network management services.

As a systems integrator, Ojo Technology approaches each project with a design plan that incorporates site selection, network integration and storage, and carefully chosen hardware and software components.  We draw from “best of breed” products supplied by some 30 manufacturers, including state-of-the-art wireless and solar-powered equipment.

We regularly bench-test and field-test new products, so that we can independently evaluate manufacturers’ performance claims.  We choose cameras, housings, mountings and illumination devices based on the environment and requirements for each location.  And we configure video management software to fit the needs of each client.  In situations where improvisation is needed, we can often make modifications or even fabricate new components in our Fremont lab.

Every member of our team is dedicated and passionate about the technology and shares a common vision to make the world a safer place.  We care about your employees, your workplace and your customers.  We pride ourselves in being responsive and in establishing ongoing relationships that help our clients meet their objectives.

Ojo Technology, Inc. Headquarters
103 Hammond Avenue
Fremont, CA 94539
Phone Numbers
(510) 249-9540
Fax: (510) 249-9545
Sales Office

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