EDUCATION Electronic security blanket for schools


More than half of America’s K-12 public schools have installed some type of CCTV or video safety system, and that trend is continuing. Read More >.

TRANSPORTATION Buses, trains, ferry boats, light rail


From commuters on their way to work or freight on its way to businesses and manufacturers, the operators of buses, trains, ferryboats, light rail systems and airports are constantly reminded of the need for security. Read More >

GOVERNMENT Protecting the government and public


Video surveillance systems are widely accepted as essential for the protection of government employees and the public. IPVS provides added 24/7 security beyond X-ray scanners and uniformed security personnel. Read More >

LAW ENFORCEMENT Securing law offices and buildings


Securing police stations, sheriff’s offices and other law enforcement buildings is a specialty of Ojo Technoloy. Chances are high that if your facility is over five years old, it’s time for a system upgrade. Read More >

OFFICES / BUSINESS PARKS Networked solutions to meet your needs


Whether you have a single office building with multiple tenants, a campus complex of several buildings or a large commercial park with central management, we can provide networked solutions to meet your needs. Read More >

RETAIL From supermarkets to large malls


Ojo Technology is experienced in designing systems that range from supermarkets and department stores to outdoor shopping centers and large, regional malls. Read More >

PARKING Protecting against violent crime


According to the U.S. Department of Justice, parking facilities are the second most frequent place for nonviolent crimes and the third most frequent place for violent crimes. Read More >

INDUSTRIAL Reduce risk of theft and break-ins


With the constant ebb and flow of materiel and delivery vehicles, manufacturing plants and warehouses can reduce their risk of theft and break-ins with a network-based video surveillance system. Read More >

UTILITIES Solve multiple security challenges


Delivering vital services – water, electricity, natural gas and communications – over long distances can present multiple security and operational challenges. Read More >

HOSPITALS Increased crime in medical clinics


Violent crime is on the increase in America’s hospitals and medical clinics, according to a recent report from an independent health care oversight group. Read More >

HOSPITALITY Protecting guests and their property


Protecting guests and their property is a priority for the hospitality and convention industries. Guests with luggage, cash and product samples can be targets of car break-ins, room burglaries and even assaults. Read More >

MUSEUMS Surveillance of prized collections


Prized collections of paintings, jewelry, historic artifacts and documents are in need of around-the-clock surveillance. So, too, are rare and precious species in zoos and arboretums. Read More >

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